Hi. I'm Jeff

Donald Trump's First 100 Days

Published on: 2016-11-10

By: Jeffrey Baird

Published on: 2016-04-19

By: Jeffrey Baird

Elizabeth Warren

Goodbye, Portland

Published on: 2016-04-04

By: Jeffrey Baird

Clare and I are leaving Portland.

How Do You Read So Much?!

Published on: 2016-03-03

By: Jeffrey Baird

Change Your Mind

Published on: 2016-02-22

By: Jeffrey Baird

A single conversation led me to ditch my libertarian beliefs.

Why I don't write often (And how I'm going to change)

Published on: 2016-02-21

By: Jeffrey Baird

I am self-conscious about my writing

What I Learned in 2015

Published on: 2016-01-24

By: Jeffrey Baird

I tried various personal experiments to see if I could improve my day-to-day life.

Giving up Booze

Published on: 2015-10-04

By: Jeffrey Baird

I've given up drinking. It has had a bigger effect on me than I thought it would.

Lifting, Jiu-jitsu and depression

Published on: 2015-03-26

By: Jeffrey Baird

Using exercise to treat depression

That Didn't Last Long

Published on: 2015-03-19

By: Jeffrey Baird

I'm back on Facebook ☹

A month of letter writing

Published on: 2015-03-18

By: Jeffrey Baird

In January I wrote 31 letters. This project was part of my ongoing efforts to reduce my use of social media, and I wanted to update my loved ones on my life with a more direct and personal form of communication. Also, who doesn't love receiving mail?

First Post

Published on: 2015-03-16

By: Jeffrey Baird

On deactivating facebook, getting back to blogging and reducing my usage of all social media.


Published on: 2014-09-25

By: Jeffrey Baird

Whether or not this is ever published, I know I can find some solace in expressing myself.