The Wind Through the Keyhole

by Stephen King

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Date completed: July 07, 2016

If you follow my reviews, you’ll know that I don’t like flashbacks. The Wind Through the Keyhole is almost entirely a flashback. At one point, it ventures into a story inside a flashback. Stephen King executes the flashback as well as one can, I didn’t like the book.

The book takes place between Wizard and Glass and Wolves of the Calla. Our ka-tet gets stuck in a nasty storm, and while they take shelter, Roland tells them about the time he told a story about a similar story to a young boy during one of his missions as a young Gunslinger.

The two storylines, one where Roland and his friend Jamie (a new character) head to a town to capture a skin-man (shape-shifter), the second is a story Roland tells to a small boy orphaned by an attack by the skin-man.

If you’ve read the Dark Tower series and you want a little more of Roland’s backstory, take the time to read this book. Otherwise, leave this one alone.